Kickstart your marketing planning

Creating your next year plan when you're in the throes of executing your current year plan is one of the most challenging points in any marketer's year. 

We're here to help. Let us do the heavy lifting of creating the insights, facilitating alignment with your cross-functional teams and creating focused, strategic documentation for you to carry forward. 

Our "Catalyst Sessions"  bring the best of strategic best practices together in enjoyable, fast-paced dynamic workshops. They will help kickstart your team by defining:

  • The most important goals for your team to accomplish in the coming year.

  • The best way to connect with and drive action from your audience/s.

  • Your hopes for the most compelling experience/s you'll provide, once you've reached them.

The results are focused, visually compelling planning documents that can be used as standalone pieces, or easily integrated into your broader strategic plans. 



You may be in the midst of business transformation. Or, you may have a boatload of stakeholders clamoring for your team's attention. You need a way to demonstrate your plan clearly and fairly. Speed is of the essence.  

Using the intelligence gathered in our pre-work, this Catalyst Session organizes and prioritizes the initiatives on your plate (or in your team's head), giving you a practical and visual plan for your year ahead. 

We do this by:

  1. Defining and documenting your goals and pre-existing audience groups.

  2. Gathering and defining each initiative in play.

  3. "Scoring" each initiative based on your goals and audience needs.

  4. Estimating the investment and complexity involved in each one.

This option suits clients who need a fast, high-level summary of action items for the year ahead and is a great way to create a visual "go forward" plan for your team.  

“With Laura’s expertise, our client accomplished more in two hours of marketing planning than they’d achieved all year. Everyone left that session with a clearer way forward and a renewed sense of focus.”
— Tina White, Managing Director, LEE Branding


You know that human-centered strategy is key to powerful marketing. But, making the time to define your audience and their experience of your brand is another challenge in itself. 

This Catalyst Session sets your team up for success by quickly defining:

  • The most relevant behavioral and demographic view of your audience/s.

  • The experience "hot spots" that you feel most confident about solving in 2016.

What you get from it:

  • A human view of your audience and what they need from you.

  • An action list of the most important experiences to either fix, tweak or create.

  • New content ideas that can reinvigorate your content planning.


We come prepared with the results of our heavy lifting - your team simply shows up and shares. Before your session we: 

  • Live your brand experience

    • This shows us your current brand/sales/audience touch-points

  • Dig into appropriate customer data (analytics, call center reports, research findings)

  • Talk with your teams, audience or stakeholders

  • Create reaction documents - so the thinking is there for you to respond to


We strive to make your Catalyst Sessions experience as unique and enjoyable as possible. 

  • We host each Session in creative, fun spaces that inspire thinking and collaboration*

    • We partner with the Twin Cities up-and-coming art galleries, meetings spaces and entrepreneurial hubs to get your team energized.

  • We serve local, delicious, healthy food and drink, created by local entrepreneurs to fuel your team's energy

  • We celebrate!

    • Planning takes effort, so we always celebrate the accomplishment. We host a wrap up happy hour after each of our sessions, so your team gets the chance to savor its work.

*(We can also come to you, if you prefer).


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