Fairlife's campaign sent packing by the Twin Cities

Fairlife, the new “premium”/nutritionally enhanced milk brand from Coca Cola did a decent job on its new site…purpose driven content, good looking stories and photography, plenty of benefit statements and health appeal. 

Then, Fairlife revealed its ad creative. OOOOH No. No. No. No. 

This week, The Guardian wrote an appropriately searing piece, criticizing it for sexism - accurate especially considering how strategically off-base the campaign is …aren’t 30/40 something women your major target audience? Why on earth would you position them as subjects of allure and humor? And seemingly nude with milk “dresses” spurting up around them like a model on a Maxim cover? And standing on scales?..What woman ever wants to see herself standing on scales, milk dress or no milk dress?

Funnily enough, the <Not-So-“Fair”-To-Women> Fairlife website has been updated, explaining that while the product performed well in test markets - the Twin Cities being one - apparently we savvy Minnesotans told Fairlife where to stick their sexist ads….they won’t be returning and new ads are in the hopper…

A classic example of a brand trying too hard? Sure, hire an innovative artist who thinks differently. Sure, connect that artist to your target market. But forget to weave the heart and authenticity into your campaign and you’ve just taken 10 giant steps backward. 

Instead, I’d like to see this brand build an advocacy base by continuing with the smart content themes already present on the site…focus on being a savvy choice for parents (heaven knows we always need help with milk over juice with the kids), ..prove the taste message by trials with local innovative fitness communities (like The Firm) to tap into existing health loyalists, along with compelling information on lactose intolerant/wariness … mix all that with create curiosity and a sense of responsibility around the traceability and farm-finding aspects of the source and we’re getting somewhere. 

In other words, capitalize and build on today’s trends instead of going back in time!