Nice jedi mind trick, Groupon

Typically, unsubscribing from unwanted email either turns me momentarily jubliant at my triumph over the robots, or makes me grumpy that it’s taking the 0.05 seconds out of my day that I otherwise would be using…doing something else. ..really important…

However, today, I laughed. I unsubscribed from a Groupon Goods email, and was met with a page telling me that it was “Derrick” who thought it would be a good idea to send it to me, and I could “punish Derrick” now. Sure! I’ll punish Derrick! Bastard!! I hit the button and a 10s video plays of a colleague walking up to him, berating him then throwing a cup of liquid over him. 

AHA, how I chuckled in my evilness. Then felt instantly guilty for poor D and considered resubscribing. 

Now that’s good…..