Who wins the fight of fear vs. magic?

At today's IABC event, Tammy Nienaber of Great Clips slipped a fact into her talk - she implemented a social measurement strategy at the company in 2009. This enabled her team to build customer and marketplace insights, bridges for her team in the organization and make more proactive decisions. 

Seven years ago. Seven years. Of listening, tweaking, educating, updating platforms, analyzing, observing, recommending. 

An overnight sensation? No. Baby steps of educating, tweaking, analyzing, recommending, yes. 

Measurement strategy is more than just tagging, throwing some money at a platform or making a pretty report once in a while. It's a mindset of accepting that we may not always have the right answer. That something better is out there to go after. That the smallest of adjustments to a campaign may make the most good happen. That - most of all - if we understand customer behavior first and think marketing tactic second, that we're on our way. 

After several years of R&D, Google launched its new enterprise platform into beta this week. Based on the concept of micro-moments - moments of need and decision in a customer's day - it promises to both simplify and deepen marketers ability achieve more. 

The fear of measurement sometimes comes from the idea that the magic is erased by data. Instead, let's understand that the data can create the environment for us to achieve more than we think is possible.